Thanawit "Tae" Prasongpongchai

ธนวิชญ์ (เต้) ประสงค์พงษ์ชัย

UX / Interaction Design / Prototyping

Hi! I'm Tae. (Yes, that up there is my full Thai name.) I'm a Bangkok-born interaction designer specialized in interactive technology, who recently graduated from the Master's program in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech. I'm passionate about designing for emerging technologies to solve real-world problems for people with different backgrounds. My interests lie within the field of physical computing, mixed reality, ubiquitous computing, and AI-enabled experiences.

UX Design
Clothesee: clothing ecosystem for the visually impaired

I started interaction design through self-teaching while I was pursuing a bachelor degree in computer science/engineering form Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. A year after graduation, I was awarded the Fulbright Thai Graduate Scholarship to pursue my interests in HCI in the U.S., eventually getting a formal education in interaction and UX design.

Having worked on various design and development projects, as well as working with teams such as bit.studio and Google Hardware , I have built my strength in both design and implementation of interactive products. Those skills and experiences allow me not only to design engaging user experiences, but also to build functional prototypes through a wide variety of mediums including physical prototypes, immersive applications, web, and mobile applications.

Fulbright 2018 TGS Grantees and Alums
Thai Fulbrighters and some of the alumni
with HWUX Team at Google
Hardware UX team at Google

Not only do I have background in technology and UX, I also am a pianist with an interest in choral music. I was the piano accompanist of Thai Youth Choir for 5 years and I also joined them in World Choir Games in Russia and South Africa where we have won multiple gold medals!

I'm also a pianist.
Performing with Thai Youth Choir
Thai Youth Choir 2014-2018
Thai Youth Choir performing at World Choir Games 2018 in South Africa
Thai Youth Choir 2014-2018
Thai Youth Choir in World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa

If you've read until here, thank you so much for your interest! Let's get in touch, then! Please feel free to reach me via my email taepras@gmail.com.

It's Taè!



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