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3D CAD in Mixed Reality_

Virtual Reality  -  Interaction/UX Design, UX Research, Development
Aug 2019-Apr 2020

Exploring how spatial computing and mixed reality could make the product design-focused 3D modeling process easier and faster for product designers and enthusiasts.

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Tae Prasongpongchai
Anusha Vasudeva
Yangxin (Emily) Xue


MS-HCI Master's Research Project, class of 2020


Contextual Inquiry
Affinity Mapping
Task Analysis
User Flows
Paper Prototypes
Rapid Prototyping
Usability Testing


UX Designer: Designed the interactions and user floes for the mixed reality application based on user research and mixed reality design guidelines.

Prototyper: Prototyped the application from low- to high- fidelity using tools including paper prototypes, Figma, and Unity (C#). Primary prototyper for code-based prorotype

UX Researcher: Conducted interviews to gather user needs and discover pain points and conducted user testings for prototypes.