Voice-activated textbook reader app for commuting students
UX Design, Auditory Interface
Oct-Nov 2018

Quick Summary

  • Reading assignment can be daunting to students from high school to graduate students. It is even more frustrating when there is an underutilized chunk of time wasted everyday while commuting.
  • TextBuddy is a voice-controlled mobile application designed for for commuting students that let them listen to their textbooks during commute of different forms e.g., walking, driving, public transport.
  • We designed an auditory interface for the app based on with features such as ambient progress indicator, notetaking, and Attention Check.
  • A paper prototype was built and demonstrated with wizard-of-oz technique.

My Roles

  • Interaction Designer: Worked in the team of two to come up with an idea and designed an auditory interface by analyzing the characteristics of the user group.
  • Prototyper: Created a paper prototype (using Adobe XD) to visualize the design idea.


Team Tae Prasongpongchai (Me)
Matt Golino
Tools Design Brainstorming, ­Storyboarding, ­Adobe XD, ­Paper Prototypes, ­Audacity (Sound Editing)
Purpose Class project for CS/PSYC 6755 HCI Foundations at Georgia Tech, Fall 2018, Dr. Bruce Walker
Timeline Oct-Nov 2018