NFC-Powered Clothes Ecosystem for the Visually Impaired
UX Research, UX Design, Assistive Technology
Sep–Dec 2018

Quick Summary

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My Roles

  • UX Researcher: Conducted interviews to discover user needs and pain points with actual visually impaired people. Conducted usability testing sessions as moderator and notetaker.
  • UX Designer: Brainstormed design ideas with the team and created sketches to communicate the ideas.
  • Prototyper: Created an interactive prototype with real-time web technology to test the design.


Team Tae Prasongpongchai (Me)
Anusha Vasudeva
Yangxin (Emily) Xue
Xinhui (Emily) Yang
Tools Interviews, ­Surveys, ­Storyboarding, ­Sketching, ­Wireframes, ­HTML Prototyping, ­Physical Prototyping, ­Usability Tesing, ­Expert Evaluation, ­Affinity Mapping
Purpose N/A
Timeline Sep–Dec 2018

Details coming soon